Community Innovators Labs 2024


LCSA, the Social Planet and the Harwood Institute for Public Innovation have partnered to provide a new series of Community Innovators Labs to be hosted online throughout 2024. 

LCSA has had a strong connection with The Harwood Institute for Public Innovation ever since we hosted the first Harwood training in Australia nearly ten years ago. Many LCSA members have since benefitted from using the Harwood Institute's framework and approach in their work with communities throughout NSW.

Harwood recognises the importance of local communities and values the work of Neighbourhood and Community Centres (NCCs) who are deeply embedded in their communities. This partnership with LCSA will provide several opportunities for LCSA Members to participate in their signature training at a greatly discounted and affordable price.

About the Harwood Institute

The Harwood Institute for Public Innovation have been working with individuals, organisations, communities and networks around the world for over 30 years. The Institute's philosophy and practice is founded on the belief that "Real, lasting change occurs only when people and communities help lead the solution. We bring together people on the front lines of creating change in communities to challenge conventional assumptions, learn together, inspire one another and strengthen our collective ability to be a force for good."

Community Innovators Online Labs 2024

The Community Innovators Labs are a set of interactive learning experiences that teach individuals the practice of Turning Outward so they can take action, create meaningful and sustainable change, and unleash the potential of their community. The Labs are hosted online in six weekly two-hour sessions that are aimed at those who are interested in learning a different approach to creating community-centered change for good.

Currently there are two training courses being offered:

  1. Getting Started Community Innovators Lab
    The Harwood Institute for Public Innovation's signature training. It provides you with all you need to begin using the Harwood practice in your community development work and in all your engagement actions with your community.
  2. Unleashing Impact Community Innovators Lab
    The Harwood Institute for Public Innovation's next level training. It provides trained Community Innovators with insights and tools to catalyse impact within your community.

For full details on the course dates, content, learning outcomes and to register, view the brochure, or visit the Social Planet website.

More Information

We encourage all our members to take up this fantastic learning and development opportunity. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to LCSA or use the contact details for Harwood listed on the brochure or registration page.