LCSA Strategic Plan 2021-2023

LCSA’s 2021–2023 Strategic Plan consists of the following five areas of strategic focus:

  1. organisational governance and structure (Strategic Area 1)
  2. policy position and influence (Strategic Area 2)
  3. service delivery to members (Strategic Area 3)
  4. human and other resources (Strategic Area 4)
  5. relationships with other stakeholders (Strategic Area 5)

Each area of strategic focus contains:

  • strategic goals
  • clear statements about what success will look like both:
    • internally for the organisation and
    • externally for vibrant local community organisations that support stronger, more inclusive communities
  • key actions and initiatives within each area of strategic focus
  • timeframing of key strategic actions over the three year span of the plan.

LCSA’s Strategic Plan provides guidance and direction for operational plans that are developed and implemented by staff.

LCSA Strategic Plan 2021-2023